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Historical Rewind

"Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead." -Benjamin Franklin

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you!

:: NAME :: You can call me Faye. Though I will admit that is not my given name - the one written on my birth certificate - though Faye is the name that I know is one I was meant to have. Faye is who I am! As such, my closest friends call me Faye, and I call myself Faye. Therefore, you also can call me Faye ^_^

:: AGE :: I'm sixteen years young, but feel so much older in spirit - I've been around MUCH longer than just sixteen years, I can feel it in my soul.

:: FAITH BELIEFS :: I'm a Pagan, and a soft polytheist: I believe that all gods and all goddesses are different faces of the same, glorious being. I'm also a pantheist, accepting all gods and regarding Earth as a manifestation of the Divine. I hold Nature and the Earth very highly and with much respect and reverence.

:: HOBBIES :: Sewing, both by hand and machine - and almost always historical clothing. I love to read and write, and I plan on being a successful author (under a nom de plume) in the near future(: I enjoy creating all and any type of art, such as sketching out costumes, painting, sculpting.. And though I hardly EVER get the chance to, my greatest joy is to horseback ride.

:: OTHER :: I don't believe I was meant to be born in this era, and I don't believe this is the only age I've lived in. My soul misses where it was meant to be: in the past. My favourite animals, and the ones I feel closest to are Fox and Horse. I love to be in windy, blustery, chilly weather. I've had Crohn's Disease for over seven years, ever since I was nine years old. I'm an avid yoga practitioner, for both the meditative and the physical advantages.

:: FANDOMS :: My biggest obsession is LORD OF THE RINGS, whether this is the novels or the films. I'm a giant Tolkienite! The Chronicles of Narnia movies, but not the books because C.S. Lewis has a horrible writing style that is also frequently sexist. The Legend of the Seeker television series, and I also like the book it's based on, Wizard's First Rule. And, of course, Harry Potter. THE OFFICE (my favourite couple EVER is Jim and Pam :D).

:: I SUPPORT :: All religious beliefs and all sexual preferences. Whatever makes a person happy, as long as it doesn't cause harm to others. The preservation of an older, simpler way of life. Dreams of going back in time. And all the other simple joys of life.

If we seem to have anything in common, drop me a comment in my Friends Only post and let me know! Look forward to talking with you(:

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